Friday, February 5, 2010

Is your True Fit tether hook "broken"?

Have you looked at the tether hook on your True Fit? If it's forward facing, I hope you have. If it's rear facing, maybe now is the time to look at it. We have noticed that the Tether hooks on some True Fit and True Fit Premier carseats are not bent correctly. At first, Learning Curve was replacing seats, as the tether is not replaceable. Learning Curve realized how wide spread this problem may be, and designed a fix for it.

This is what a tether hook should look like.

This is what the "broken" tether hook looks like. See how the thin metal piece is up further then in the first picture? Like this, it may not hold like it should in a crash.

This is the fix that Learning Curve has made. It's a piece of plastic that you put on the tether hook to help bend it into position.

This is what the hook looks like with the plastic piece on it.

If your True Fit tether hook is not shaped correctly, gather the information from the carseat. You'll need the date of manufacture, and model number. Then call Learning Curve and explain about the tether hook.