Saturday, February 26, 2011

Graco Smart Seat, locking system

Because the seat/base is a new concept, I'm going to show how the seat locks into the base.

Here you can see 2 long slots in the side of the base. This is where a metal bar (next picture) attaches the seat to the base.

Here is the little metal bar, sticking out of the seat in lock mode. There are 4 of these on the seat. On by the knees, and one by the hips, on each side of the seat. When unlocked, the metal bar retracts into the seat shell.

There is a knob on each side of the seat to lock/unlock the seat from the base. To unlock, both knobs must be pushed in and turned at the same time. TO lock, you only have to turn 1.

There is a set of red flags in the seat to let you know when the seat is unlocked from the base. Here are 2 pictures of them unlocked:

Here is a picture of the seat when the flags are in locked position:

It's very easy to lock and unlock. But not easy enough that it would be unlocked accidentally. Even though the seat is 25 pounds (plus 10 more for the base), it's really very easy to switch from rear facing to forward facing, and back again.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The new Graco Smart Seat

Graco is now releasing a new seat. It's a 3-in-1. Rear facing, forward facing, and booster. What is unique about this seat is, it has a base, like infant seats. I was lucky enough to have someone loan me then Smart Seat to try out and see what I think. The next few blog posts will have my reviews.

The Smart Seat can hold 5-40 pounds rear facing, and up to 65 pounds forward facing. It also converts to a high back booster for up to 100 pounds. You install the base once, and remove the seat from the base to switch from rear facing to forward facing. Then for booster use, you just take it off the base entirely.

First up, rear facing.
My Model is my 4 year old daughter Sofi. She is 4 years, 5 months old. She weighs 34 pounds.

Here she is rear facing on the 1st recline (Note, the amount of recline will vary because different vehicle seats are sloped differently- mine are pretty flat).

Here is the level bubble on the 1st recline:

Here she is on the 2nd recline. This is as upright as we can take it in my car.

Here is the bubble level on the 2nd recline:

Here is the growing room Sofi has. There is 1.5- 1.75 inches above her head. So she has .5 inch until she has outgrown the seat by height.

The Smart seat has a pair of harness covers that have a thick wedge inside them. They are required for rear facing use. Sofi, who doesn't like harness covers to begin with, HATED them.