Monday, March 1, 2010

Q & A: Britax Marathon

Q: What are your thoughts on the Britax Marathon or Boulevard?

I bought my first Marathon a year ago. A few months later, I bought a Boulevard because I got a great price on it. I love how easily they install with LATCH. I love all the different covers I can buy to refresh the seat a bit. However the Britax convertibles don't have much legroom for older rear facing kiddos. That is not a deal breaker for me, but the seats moved to the Grandparents' cars so I could get a seat with more legroom for her primary ride. There are more seats out now with a higher RF weight limit, and more seats with more legroom. Would I spend the money on another Britax convertible? No. I can get other seats with higher weight limits for less money, or seats with higher weight limits, taller top slots, and a taller shell for about the same money.