Thursday, April 18, 2013

Summer Travel

Spring is here and summer is coming fast. Families are planning vacations. Are you planning for safe transportation as well? The laws of physics don't change just because you're on vacation. Your child still needs his carseat or booster in a rental car or taxi. Young children should even use a carseat on the plane. Children 2 and under should have a seat, and a rear facing carseat just like they do in the car. FAA guidelines allow use of an FAA certified carseat (most of them are) on the plane. 

Have you heard of the BubbleBum? I hope you have, since I posted about it before :) It's an inflatable booster. It is small when deflated so it can fit in a suite case, backpack, or even a purse. 

There is also the Ride Safer Travel Vest for children over age 3. It positions the car's seatbelt properly on the child, but is safer than a booster for children that are too small or too you g for a booster. You must have a lap/should belt or a lap belt and tether. 

There is also a new booster coming to the US called Boostapak. It's a backpack that is also a booster seat!