Sunday, October 4, 2009

Which seat will I buy?

Sofi needs a new carseat. She has 1 inch to grow in her Titan in my car. That 1 inch could take a month, or it could take a year. So... I prepare to get a new seat. Here is my thinking process......

My choices are: First Years True Fit, Graco My Ride, Sunshine Kids Radian, Evenflo Triumph Advance, Britax Marathon

All of these seats are taller than the Titan. Three of them will RF to 35 pounds, and 2 will RF to 40 (or 45) pounds. Sofi weighs 29 pounds. Sounds like wight isn't an issue if I want to keep her RF for 1 more year. However, she just gained 4 pounds in 6 months! So.... how much will she gain in the next year?!

I own a Radian that could RF her to 40 pounds. It's currently sitting in the closet, getting no love :( Why not just use that? I can NOT get it to install well in the center of my 2nd row :( No matter what I try, it always looks too reclined :( So.. I get to pick a new seat :)

The True Fit- It is a nice tall seat. I like how easy it is to adjust the harness height, if I wanted to put another child in it. But... Sofi's head always slumped over when she fell asleep. It wasn't dangerous or uncomfortable for her. It was just uncomfortable for me to look at ;)

The Triumph Advance- I like the seat ok. Again, easy to adjust harness heights. But it won't fit next to BabyS' Titan in my van.

The Marathon- I love how easy that was to install. I really really do. So, I took it out of my Mom's car and put it in mine. Sofi really had no leg room. She wasn't uncomfortable, but again it was uncomfortable for me to look at. So, not my choice for her primary seat.

The My Ride- Oh how I miss this seat. It installed so nicely. It really hugged her and looked like she had so much Side Impact Protection. And how she loved the cup holders (pockets). And.... I really like the purple one :D I know, I had issues with the harness adjuster strap fraying. But from those that lept their seats, it looks like it starts to fray, and then stops. So, I'm willing to give it another try.

So the winner is..... The purple My Ride! Now... if Walmart's website would just have it in stock.... we could get one.


Audrey said...

I'm glad it stops fraying after it starts... I'm planning on purchasing one in February when we have some money saved up for it. Of course, I could put it off, since my daughter is 2 years and 3 months old and weighs 23 pounds! :) But I'd rather get it now.
We have the Safety First Uptown, which is a great seat (isn't it discontinued? Disappointment!), but we need a second one for my mom's car instead of the Cosco Scenera (NOT the 5 point harness one... the awful 3 point!) that is currently there. Our plan is to get a My Ride for our car and give my mom the Uptown.
And we also have a baby coming in a week and a half, who will eventually need a My Ride as well. :)

CarseatNanny said...

Yes, the Safety First Uptown was discontinued. They made slight changes to it, and are now selling it as the Safety First Avenue. I'm actually selling my Uptown because i think my daughter looks too squished in it, all the padding makes it seem kind of narrow. But for a 23 pound 2 year old that may not be the case ;)

LN said...

Just an FYI that the MyRide is on sale for $120 this week at Target, which is pretty good...too bad I don't need another carseat!

CarseatNanny said...

Thanks LN. I bought an Alma from I really wanted the purple :)

But anyone else interested in the MyRide, the Blue and gray is on sale at Target. That's the lowest price I've ever seen!