Monday, March 1, 2010

Q & A: Britax Marathon

Q: What are your thoughts on the Britax Marathon or Boulevard?

I bought my first Marathon a year ago. A few months later, I bought a Boulevard because I got a great price on it. I love how easily they install with LATCH. I love all the different covers I can buy to refresh the seat a bit. However the Britax convertibles don't have much legroom for older rear facing kiddos. That is not a deal breaker for me, but the seats moved to the Grandparents' cars so I could get a seat with more legroom for her primary ride. There are more seats out now with a higher RF weight limit, and more seats with more legroom. Would I spend the money on another Britax convertible? No. I can get other seats with higher weight limits for less money, or seats with higher weight limits, taller top slots, and a taller shell for about the same money.


Bethany said...

Which other convertibles would you recommend for better height limits when RF? My 13 mo. old is about to outgrow her Graco Snugride 32 by height (she was 30" at her one year checkup). I want to keep her RF as long as possible, but I have a feeling height will be more of a factor than weight. (She is 24 lbs. at 13 mos) Also, we have a small-ish car, so if the carseat is TOO tall, it won't fit. Any suggestions??

Spoon Family said...

Do you think it is better to have a safer seat (the Boulevard was supposed to be one of the safest, especially with their "true side impact protection" a few years ago when I bought ours) or one that rear faces longer (since that will most likely protect better)? Just curious on your thoughts. Thank you for your blog!!!

CarseatNanny said...

Bethany: I'd recommend the Safety 1st Complete Air, The First Years True Fit, Evenflo Momentum, or the Graco My Ride. The Complete Air, My Ride and Momentum all rear face up to 40 pounds (True Fit is 35). But the Complete Air and True Fit are the tallest. Convertibles can be installed more upright than the 45* newborns need, so they fit better in a small car.

Witherspoon: The safest carseat is the one that fits your child, your budget, and your car. Having said that, rear facing is the safest way to ride, so I'd go with whichever seat would allow me to rear face my child longest. I would take a rear facing $40 seat over a forward facing $300 seat any day (as long as my child fit).