Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh, how Graco loves to confuse us

How many carseats can Graco make with the same name? The Graco Snugride is such a popular seat, they decided to play off the name to sell more seats. Here, I will try to explain the various seats to you.

Graco Snugride. It is nicknamed the SR22. It can be used up to 22 pounds. This is the rear adjust version. You must tighten and loosen the harness on the back of the seat, every time you take baby in and out. When looking online, you can tell which seats are the rear adjust because there's not harness adjuster strap hanging off the front (see next pic).

This is the SR22, front adjust. To loosen and tighten the harness, it's all on the front of the seat, near baby's legs. You can see the harness adjuster strap hanging down in the front.

Next came the Safe Seat 1. It is nicknamed the SS1. It can be used up to 30 pounds. It has a taller shell than the SR22. The base also has a lockoff, that makes installation in most vehicles a dream. The SS1 was discontinued a year or 2 ago. You can still find it for sale on some websites, so be aware, they likely have an older date of manufacture (and hopefully the price will reflect that).

When Graco discontinued the SS1, they created the Snugride 32, nicknamed SR32. It looks exactly like the SS1, base and all. THe only way to tell the difference is to read the labels on the carrier and base. THis seat didn't last very long, less than 1 year. Again, it can still be found on some websites, but there will be no new date of manufactures.

The SR32 was discontinued for the Snugride 35, nicknamed SR35. Again, it looks just like the SR32 and SS1. The only way to tell the difference is to read the labels. However, It looks like Graco changed their infant padding from just a headrest, to a body support with this model.

Now Graco is releasing a Snugride 30, nicknamed SR30. It is an entirely different seat. The base does not have lockoffs. Unlike the other Snugrides which all start at 5 pounds, this seat can be used for a 4 pound infant. It also has a lower harness slot, and closer crotch buckle slot to fit tiny babies better.


christineka said...

Reminds me of britax. Roundabout, roundabout 50, roundabout 55, marathon, marathon classic, marathon 70, etc. It's more confusing with infant seats, though. People like to buy extra bases, but does it matter which snugride base? Yes, we know, but not everyone does.

riverview9 said...

This IS so consusing. When you want to research a car seat it would be nice if you could do so clearly

CarseatNanny said...

Riverview9: That's why I'm here :) There's also a wonderful forum to help at