Saturday, November 20, 2010

Do you have your screws?

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Do you have a Graco Turbobooster? For years, the Graco Turbobooster has come partially unassembled. You buy it, you have to put on the arm rests, then put in the screws. Many parents skip the screws. Why? Maybe because many parents don't read the manual, and the screws come attached to that. Maybe because they think the screws aren't really necessary. The newer TurboBoosters that are being sold have the screws pre-installed, but there are still some TurboBoosters being sold (such as the High Back Turbos or older ones that have not been sold yet) that do not have them installed. Or, you may already own a TurboBooster. Either way, be sure you have those screws in so your children can be riding safely!

If you're thinking to yourself, "What screws???" Check out the pictures below.

This is the baggy that came with your Turbobooster. It contains the instruction manual, the shoulder belt positioner, and a bag of 2 screws.
 photo TBScrews5.jpg

This is what the side of the TurboBooster looks like if there are not any screws installed in the armrest
 photo TBScrews4.jpg
 photo TBScrews3.jpg

This is what it should look like with the screws installed.
 photo TBScrews2.jpg
 photo TBScrews1.jpg

Why are the screws so important?

Graco is very insistent on having the screws installed. While we do not know the exact reasoning that the screws are required, there have been some theories tossed around. Please note that these are only theories. One theory is that, upon impact, the incredible strength of the crash forces may cause the armrests to detach from the booster. This poses a problem because the armrests are what act as a child's hip bones. If the armrests are not acting as the hip bones, the seat belt may slide up onto the child's soft tummy, where it can severely damage, injure, crush, or cut internal organs. Or, perhaps the seat failed testing without the screws installed, or maybe it was not tested at all and we just do not know what will happen. If it has not been tested without the screws, then I am not willing to use my child as the crash test dummy to find what out WILL happen.

Either way, we do not know exactly why the screws must be installed -- All we know is that Graco requires it, and they absolutely forbid the use of the TurboBooster without the screws properly installed.

My TurboBooster doesn't have screws! What do I do?

If you do not have the screws installed and you have lost them, I recommend calling Graco (800-345-4109 (US) and 800-667-8184 (Canada) ) or go to Graco's website -- the Replacement Parts search and put in your Model Number and Date of Manufacture and underneath the option, "Height adjustment screw for armrest (1 of 2)", click on two (you need two screws for each seat) and they will send you free screws -- free shipping and everything. They should arrive within a week or two, depending on your location.

I do not recommend going to a store and buying screws -- You need to be able to ensure that you are using the correct screw. There are many different shapes, sizes, and lengths. Ordering (for free!) directly from Graco is the best way to ensure that you have the correct screw, and you will know your seat will function properly.

The Date of Manufacture, Model Number, and Serial Number (if required) can be found on the bottom of your booster seat, on a white sticker.

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