Saturday, March 5, 2011

Graco Smart Seat, forward facing

Here is a side view of Sofi riding in the seat forward facing. She uses it on harness position 5 (out of 6)

Here is a front view of Sofi, harness position 5. I'm not really a fan of how high the headrest is. It looks like it needs to be lowered.

The harness is connected to the headrest. So if you raise and lower 1, you raise and lower the other. Here is how Sofi fits in harness position 4. The headrest looks much better.....

But the harness is below her shoulders :(


Johanna said...

that doesn't look like below...
You know that you measure 90degrees from the back of the car seat and thats normally 1½-3cm lower than horisontal

CarseatNanny said...

If the harness has to go up to go over the shoulder, it's below. The harness was indeed coming from below her shoulder.

Unknown said...

Position 4 looks much safer