Friday, November 18, 2011

Cuddlebabe review

CuddleBabe was kind enough to give me a sample to review. I asked for a 9-18 month because the model is 9 months and I wanted this to get her through the winter. The CuddleBabe is a wearable blanket that is SAFE to use in the carseat.

You put the CuddleBabe in the carseat, with the hole where the harness is.

Then you put baby in. Put baby's head in the hat, and legs in the legs of the blanket.

Fold the body flap up over baby's body

Wrap the sides around baby, and button the blanket closed.

This blanket does not interfere with the harness at all, so it's safe to use. It warps around baby and buttons (with a BIG button, not a choking hazard) so baby can't kick it off. I had my model use CuddleBabe for a week before asking what her Mom thought of it. And what did she think? She LOVED IT!! She said everyone loved it and was asking where she got it :)

CarseatNanny loves the CuddleBabe! CuddleBabe must love CarseatNanny too, because they have offered a discount just for my readers! Enter the code carseatnanny at checkout for 10% off your purchase!


TheTrumpEffect said...

How very clever! Certainly solves the problem of the dreaded Bundle Me. If this is being produced a year from now I'll order one :-)

Anonymous said...

I just use a big fleece blanket and tuck it really good after harnessing my child. It's a cheaper option too.