Friday, October 5, 2012

The Buckle Bopper

Have you heard of the Buckle Bopper? I hadn't until a few weeks ago. I contacted Marlene, the inventor, and she sent me one to review.

The Buckle Bopper is designed to help caregivers open the crotch buckle on their child's carseat. Many carseat manufacturers are making their crotch buckles more difficult to open, to prevent young children from unbuckling when they shouldn't. Unfortunately, this sometimes makes it more difficult for caregivers. If you have arthritis, carpel tunnel, tendonitis, Parkinson's, or even just long finger nails, you may have a hard time opening your child's crotch buckle. The Buckle Bopper was created so you can open the crotch buckle without using your fingers.

 Simply hold the Buckle Bopper in the palm of your hand. You can wrap your fingers around it if you want to, but it's not necessary.

Then place your other hand under the crotch buckle, between the child and the buckle

Use the Buckle Bopper to push the button to release the crotch buckle.

Since I don't have any problems with my hands, I gave the Buckle Bopper to a friend to try. She has a problem with the bones in her lower arm and hand, and can't do much with her right hand. The crotch buckle she has the hardest time with is the one Britax uses. On a scale of 1 (no problems opening) to 10 (absolutely can't open it), Britax gets a 10 for her. With the Buckle Bopper, she rated it a 4 or 5, because she had to put pressure on it which is still difficult for her.

I love the Buckle Bopper and have added it to my tech bag to show to parents at private seat checks. I really think this will help a lot of caregivers!

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Anonymous said...

I bet this would come in handy if you had artificial nails on!