Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New seat coming out soon...

You've read my blog. You've done your research. You want to keep your child rear facing as long as possible. But you can't, you're child is 34 pounds at 18 months. You don't want to turn him forward facing (you read my blog about the injuries recieved to 34 pound, 18 month old Joel). You don't want to keep him rear facing beyond the American carseat limits of 35 pounds. So what do you do? Buy a Sweedish seat? They rear face up to 55 pounds. But they are illegal to use in the US, and are very expensive to get.

It looks like Graco may be here to help! It started as a rumor.... "Graco will be releasing a new high weight harness (HWH) seat this year." That rumor grew.... "Graco will be releasing a seat that will Rear Face to 40 pounds and Forward face to 65 pounds." WHAT?! Did we hear that right?! REAR FACE TO 40 POUNDS?! No, surely it must just be a rumor. Luckily for you, CarseatNanny called Graco and asked about it. And yes, There will be a new convertible that rear faces to 40 pounds. I almost jumped for joy! :) The Rumor is now truth. There is a seat called the Graco MyRide. We don't yet know how tall the seat will be. We're hoping it'll be nice and tall to accomidate an older, 40 pound child rear facing. It will be in the May/June issue of Fit Pregnancy magazine. It's projected to cost $150-175.

Don't worry. As soon as more info is available, it'll be here!

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