Friday, May 1, 2009

The pics are here

Bryan of Kids N Cribs has given me permission to use his photos of the My Ride 65. He has them and info from Graco on his website here It is sold there for $149.99, and shipping to me is estimated at $10.95.

So, here are the pictures. I must say, I like the gray and black that was previously "leaked" more than these. But, it is nice to see that Graco is releasing a new seat in options other than gray (The GN was available in 4 colors, all shades of gray).
The First 2 pictures are from Kids N Cribs. The 3rd is from Graco's website.


Jessica said...

I love that this seat rear faces up to 40lbs, but what are the height restrictions?

Is it better than the new TrueFit will be?

CarseatNanny said...

The height restrictions for RF are, there must be 12 inch of seat shell above the head. If you look at my other posts about the My Ride, it says it is similarly sized to the Marathon. It measureies 1 inch shorter (insde the seat) than the Marathon, but with an actually child in it, it looked like he had more room above his head in the My Ride than in the Marathon.

As far as 'better' than the new True Fit, that depends on what is important to you. The MR can not be tethered RF. And the new TF has an anti-rebound bar that is similar to RF tethering. The TF also has a taller shell. So if you have a skinny child, the TF may be better. If you have a chunky child, the MR may be better because he'd outgrow other seats by weight.

CarseatNanny said...

The Graco My Ride is now available forsale on Walmart's website. It is $150 plus tax. Not available in store yet. I just ordered 1 today. I will have a full review, with pics once i get it.