Friday, November 20, 2009

My fight with the Radian continues

I thought I had won, but I was wrong. The Radian kept reclined more and more. Sofi's weight was compressing the vehicle seat cushion. I took the Radian out to let the seat decompress and try again. For some reason, this time I couldn't get the LATCH tight enough. I was told it's a 2 person job.... So I enlisted my brother to help me :) All we succeeded at doing was bruising his hands :(

I have been told the new Radain SL LATCH is easier to tighten. So tomorrow I'm headed to Buy Buy Baby to try it out. I'll let you know how it goes.

EDIT: I still loose. I couldn't get the Radian SL any tighter than I can the regular Radian. I've given up for now, and bought a True Fit Premier. I will have a review after it arrives :)

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CincyNanny said...

I am a nanny for triplets. Mom bought 3 New Radians to fit across my middle seat of my pilot. It took us 3 hours to install tight enough - and by us I mean me with 3 firemen, 1 of them who teach car seat installation classes! they are in now, but i will not be removing them.....EVER. :)