Thursday, November 12, 2009

Q and A

Q: What do you think of the Evenflo Symphony?

A: It's not high on my list :)

The Evenflo Symphony is a convertible carseat. It can be used rearfacing from 5-35 pounds. It can be used harnessed forward facing up to 40 pounds, and as a booster up to 100 pounds. It has SureLatch, which is supposed to make installation easier. You attach the LATCH, and push the seat down (to allow the SureLatch to retract and tighten), and you're done! Except..... it's not always that easy :) In my opinion, it's expensive for a seat that only goes up to 40 pounds with a harness. And if you're not using LATCH, you're paying alot for a feature you don't even need. However, it is nocely lined with EPS foam, for good side impact protection. It's has a nice no rethread harness, so the harness is always right at the child's shoulder (though the red tabs bother some children). It has nice infant padding,a nd should fit a newborn well.

There is a newer version called the Symphony 65 that is just coming to stores now. It has the same features, but the harness can be used up to 65 pounds. The weight increase bumped it up a little on my list ;)


Anonymous said...

I bought the symphony 65 LX for my son last year when he outgrew his flex loc. I love the seat! Unfortunately, he outgrew the RF weight limit at 25 months :( but my 6 year old says his seat is more comfortable than her booster, and she likes that she can use the 5pt harness when my son isn't in the car.

CarseatNanny said...

Anonymous, please email me at carseatnanny at yahoo dot com and I'll be happy to discuss :)